Our Approach

To provide the highest quality of work.  This picture was from a condo in downtown Vancouver, where a previous owner/contractor decided to paper mache the wall.  Lets leave out arts and crafts, and build your projects the right way.  We will always be around to answer your calls, emails, questions, inquiries.

Our Story

Stuart has experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to construction.  As someone who holds himself within a strong set of values, it was very frustrating.  The purpose of Windsor Wolves is to be the change he wanted to see.  No more running from home owners, no avoiding sub trades.  Just good old honest work, for the clients themselves.

Meet the Owner

Stuart began his journey into construction at the ripe old age of 19.  He was drawn into the permanence of the work, as well as the opportunities to work on both small, and significant projects.  Over the years he spent time in each facet of carpentry, before truly falling in love with residential construction.  The chance to help people, either build their dream homes from an idea on a piece of paper or convert their existing house into their own palace, is what caused his connection.


Stuart Windsor


One day he hopes to be able to grow a real beard, but that doesn't seem probable..

Off site, Stuart spends his time split between coaching ice hockey, and a relentless pursuit of development.  His passion for developing young minds is spilling into his business as well, as he looks to provide that same mentor ship to young workers within his influence.  His jovial, insightful demeanor really entices people to connect with him, and allows for open dialogue when it comes to resolving any kind of conflicts.

Our First Steps Together

If quality construction and open communication are what you are looking for, then contact us to see if we are the right fit for each other.