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Reliable project management and skilled craftsmanship are just the beginning, we are a different breed.

Our values set us apart: Inclusivity & Diversity, Honesty & Accountability, and Growth & Development

You may have noticed that anytime the topic of general contractors come up, people have a lot of nightmare stories to share about their experience. Blown budgets, missed deadlines, zero accountability, and radio silence. On top of that you’ve probably experienced less than ideal work sites with rude, hungover workers, and a palpable sense of toxic masculinity polluting the job site. Windsor Wolves is different. We take a values-based approach with respect, accountability and honesty. It isn’t always easy to operate this way, but for Windsor Wolves, it is the only way.

If we make a commitment, we honour that commitment, and on the occasions that we fall short (we’re all just human after all) we step up, take responsibility, and work to make it right, every time.

We say this, while at the same time acknowledging that actions speak louder than words. Reach out today and give us an opportunity to back up our promise with first rate work and open communication. You will not regret it.

About Our Founder
Stuart Windsor

Stuart Windsor has more than 15 years of experience as a certified journeyman carpenter dedicated to excellence in his field. Through playing and coaching hockey for many years, Stuart developed a passion for leadership. He learned the value of both celebrating achievements and the personal growth that comes from being fully committed to accountability in all aspects of his life.

Stuart’s vision is to change the culture of the construction industry to be a more inclusive and positive working environment in general. This will enable a more friendly and collaborative experience for designers and clients, and for construction personnel to be more accountable, reliable, and professional.

Our Team

Joseph (Junior Project Manager)

Joseph’s professional journey has been centered around the non-profit sector and start-ups, where he played a pivotal role in fostering organizational growth through adept project management, albeit without the official title. This experience, coupled with his time spent as a carpenter in the construction industry, has enabled Joseph to seamlessly integrate these skills into his role as a project manager for Windsor Wolves. Effectively overseeing construction projects, he employs a collaborative and integrated delivery approach, balancing multiple tasks within deadline-driven environments. Joseph’s managerial expertise is evident in his unwavering emphasis on budget control, skillfully complemented by top-level organizational and communication skills. This combination ensures his consistent ability to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Robb (Office Manager)

Robb was born in Calgary, Alberta, and settled in Vancouver in 2002. He has an extensive background in customer relations; mainly in the hospitality/tourism, and healthcare fields, before joining the Windsor Wolves Creations in 2023. Robb joined the Windsor Wolves Team, because he believes his core values match perfectly with Stuart and Windsor Wolves. He is excited to help change the culture of the construction industry, and help others achieve that goal within their organization. Robb supports Stuart and the Windsor Wolves team behind the scenes, making sure schedules are made, and that they have all of the tools that they need to ensure you have a superior experience.

About Us

We are a new-age contractor. We use technology to offer an easy mode of “at your fingertips” communication, on top of our openness and willingness to listen intently about your project, and how it affects your world.

We accept teammates, clients, and the community at large for who they are, and expect the same in return. We are on this journey together; let us find the path together.

Our Values:

Inclusivity & Diversity

We passionately embrace inclusivity and diversity. These principles are the foundation of our approach, ensuring a welcoming and fair environment. We take pride in a culture that celebrates differences and diverse perspectives. We acknowledge our limitations and work toward greater inclusivity. Just as we’re transparent about our limitations and offer direct feedback, we’re equally committed to making everyone feel recognized and valued. By championing inclusivity and diversity, we create a stronger, more vibrant community.

Honesty & Accountability

We enthusiastically embrace the often-discussed yet sometimes under-practiced values of honesty and accountability. Our unwavering commitment to these principles forms the bedrock of our client support, ensuring transparency and a clear conscience devoid of hidden secrets. This approach guides us in openly acknowledging our limitations, readily admitting when we can’t provide a solution to a problem, and offering candid, concise feedback when necessary. By courageously taking ownership of our mistakes with statements like “This is my fault,” we initiate the process of dismantling our egos and nurturing personal growth through learning from our errors. Our dedication to these principles fuels a culture of openness and personal development, ultimately benefiting both our clients and our team.


We’re all about growth and development. These principles are at the core of our journey, motivating us to continually seek improvement for ourselves and our clients. We recognize that we’re all a work in progress and actively pursue self-improvement. Our environment is designed to encourage personal and professional growth, fostering a culture of learning and adaptation. By living these values, we aim to create a dynamic, enriching space where growth and development are essential for our success.

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